Review Policy

Pineleng Theological Review (PTR) using a peer-review mechanism. Manuscripts sent to PTR will be selected by the editor for
(1) Check the suitability of the manuscript with the scope of PTR,
(2) Check the suitability of the manuscript with the PTR style,
(3) Check whether the submitted manuscript does not contain elements of plagiarism using the similarity checker authenticate.

After the selection process from the editor is complete, the manuscript will be reviewed by review partners who are experts in their fields. PTR partner will
(1) check if the incoming script has (novelty), and
(2) check the manuscript whether the writing is in accordance with the scientific rules in the field.

Every manuscript sent to the PTR will be reviewed by at least 2 reviewers with a double-blind review system. That is, during the review process, the author and reviewer do not know each other and know each other. The review process takes at least 1 month. 

After being revised by the reviewer, the editor will send the manuscript back to the author to be revised and corrected based on input from the reviewers. Recommendations from reviewers will determine the editorial board's decision on the submitted manuscript.